Q: PlayStation TV (formerly Vita TV) - Microconsole Wars The next big thing?

Asked by Gi_Joe, 10-09-2013, 11:43:41
PlayStation TV (formerly Vita TV) - Microconsole Wars The next big thing?

Just Announced! PS Vita TV. A new micro console that lets you play Vita games on your TV without a Vita games console. The device is indeed small: Check out the micro dimensions - width 60mm x 100mm. The micro console has a card slot for Vita games, which is controlled via a DualShock3. The device accepts Vita memory cards and supports PSOne classic games and new PSP games. Steaming music, movies, and digital TV services freely (Netflix, LoveFilm) without PSN Subscription is a major bonus. A premium subscription service hooks you up to Sony Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and Karoke Channels.

Vita TV has better features and looks like it'll hurt Apple TV sales for sure. It has 1GB system memory, the same Quad Core Cortex A9 CPU found in PSVita console, WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity, 1 Ethernet port, 1 HDMI and 1080p resolution. Full HDTV graphics.

Future plans to integrate the Vita TV with PlayStation 4 will follow in due course. One benefit allows PS4 remote play using a DualShock 4.

In Japan the micro console will launch as a solos unit, but Europe will probably get the bundled version with a DualShock 3 and Microconsole all-in-one which could be the crunch factor. Sony could sell these by the shed load if they play the game smart... sell solos units for around £63.75 – that’s the exchange rate conversion from the quoted $100 dollar. By adding a DualShock 3 (something I for one don’t need another of) would actually be the deal breaker. Yes for £63, no for above £80.

Are you buying one?

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Great idea ! Another budget gaming system can't be a bad thing
Wii U & 3DS have both failed to shine in an increasingly competitive gadget marketplace. The vita Tv / console might just pull it off.
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