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Asked by siemensiukas, 13-03-2017, 16:13:29
Hi I wonder is this an lottery or just coincidence. I've ordered recently x2 PS3 Destiny The Taken King games for me and my dad and in one of them I've got the DLC pass code and extra Weapons Pack pass code and a manual, but in the other one I've got only the DLC pass code and 2x manuals... I wonder can it be done by a mistake of puting a manual istead of extra Weapons Pack pass code. I would realy be gratefull for an answer
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Hello, sorry to hear about the issue. I can't explain this either. The list of contents is on the sealed box cover.

Codes and DLC packs are usually in pre-order editions. Often codes have a limited lifespan for redemption, so may not be included in future packs bought after the day 1 launch editions.

If there is something missing, you are welcome to return for a refund.

Use the contact us page and include your name, address and order number so we know who sent the return and what to do when it arrives back.

Hope this helps!
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