Q: Injustice 2 Restock

Asked by JamesWest834, 06-05-2017, 20:01:43
Hi i was wondering if anyone has a date that i could expect a restock on for the Injustice 2 ultimate edition pack for PS4. Thats all thx
Posted 06-05-2017 -- Close by 05-06-2017
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This is also something I have been wondering as the game is out in 13 days and I want to pre-order for the extra character!
Answer: Please visit the product page Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition PS4 or Xbox One when you are logged in, then click on the Add to Wishlist. We will notify you when it is back in stock and available to pre-order for launch day. Pre-order to receive 9 DLC Fighters... PS4 | Xbox One * Code will be contained in the box. Internet access required for DLC. Maximum 1 edition per customer.
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