Q: E3 2014

Asked by Neo_1, 09-06-2014, 16:09:39
E3 2014
Where: USA - L.A Convention center
When: June 10-12th
Who: Trade & Industry

What can we expect and what are you excided about?
(I'll bring you up to speed incase you don't eat drink sleep games :D read on.)

Here are the some top exclusive games we've heard about and will be teased with more details at the press event.

Nintendo Wii U & 3DS

- Bayonetta 2
- Hyrule Warriors
- The Legend of Zelda U
- Tomodachi 2
- Smash Bros U
- Sonic Boom
- Retro's project
- The Miyamoto Camera / Gamepad
- X

Microsoft, Xbox One

- Halo 5
- Fable Legends
- Gears of War
- Project Spark
- Sunset Overdrive
- Quantum Break

Sony PlayStation 4

- Deep Down
- Demons Souls 2
- Driveclub
- God of War 4
- Gran Turismo 7
- Guerrilla Games Sci Fi RPG
- Media Molecule project
- Project Morpheus VR headset
- Quantic Dream project
- The Order 1886

PS Vita
- Micro console Vita TV

PS3 will get a montage and few new titles according to IGN.

Xbox 360 will most likely have a similar line up of games to the One.

Let's hope E3 lives up to our expections!
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why am i not surprised Grand Theft Auto V coming to pc / ps 4 / xbox 1. yawn. wake me up when gta 6 comes already bitch
Hopefully at E3 one or more major studios will open the flood gate for some discount on remastered games such as GTA V PS4 and Xbox ONE.

Sony announced a similar scheme piloted on The Last of Us Remastered upgrade. Nice loyalty scheme. I'd like to see more.
something of a joke when Sony & MS make new games on next gen consoles that run under 1080p. why bother having better graphics when they turn out under res games that have black bands on the top and bottom of my tv. dust of the ps3.
And the winner of this years E3 goes to Google.

then again. there's always "Ustream". #ditchtwitch
what's the difference between twich & ustream?
Nightmare scarecrow missions on Batman Arkham Knight - only on playstation WTH. Sony's got a sure fire plan to bring in xbox owners.
half life 4 confirmed. did you see the decap in Unity trailer. fucking mad
what are you excided about?

Sunset overdrive. looks fun. personally i don't care that it's regarded as xbox's answer to infamous. so be it. get over it guys.
PLEASE no more offs topics
bring back jet set willy to next gen
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