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Asked by SergeantMessi, 16-07-2013, 17:54:28
Ever since I saw the Wii U console, my first impression was "that looks well fat"... second impression "bet it's heavy". Those two points alone have stopped me from buying one. No matter how much i like Nintendo & mario games, i'm not buying a gadget that resembles a pre-school toy; end of story.

Perhaps Nintendo overlooked appearance in favour of robustness, but... they need a slimer one and damn quick!

How long will Nintendo wait before they launch a Wii U Slim?
Posted 16-07-2013 -- Close by 15-08-2013
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i'm not buying a gadget that resembles a pre-school toy

lmfao. rolling around the floor laughing. it has appeal?
Seeing the videogames market being eaten away by so many other platforms ...
Asda pulls Wii U from shelves as sales of Nintendo console stall. theinquirer
I own a Nintendo dsi consoles, thats not heavy. neither is wii u. i like my game system to last longer than one night. would you feel safe falling a sleep playing on glass screen tablet? on a topbunk bed?? could be deadly blood guts galore.
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