Apple TV - New 2012 HD Model

If you love Apple products, then you'll really enjoy Apple TV. Apple TV is a network appliance designed to play digital content. The box is made so that it can play content from the iTunes Store, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe,, NBA League Pass, or NHL GameCenter; indeed, ATV plays content from any Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes.

The second generation of Apple TV came out in September 2010. It was about a quarter of the size of the original device and was offered for a third of the price. It had the ability to stream content from iTunes and video from computers or iOS devices via AirPlay. The second generation did not contain the hard drive; instead, it boasts an internal 8 GB flash storage. All content in this device is drawn from online or locally connected sources.

On March 7, 2012, Apple announced a third generation of Apple TV, with new features such as higher resolution (1080p) and a new user interface. The new Apple TV is externally identical to the previous generation and includes a single-core A5 processor. The device also supports 1080p content from iTunes and Netflix.

Apple TV (New Model)

Apple TV - New Media Streaming Centre

Apple has made a name for itself by designing products with the best look, feel, and functionality. Moving from simple desktops and laptops into the realm of digital television has not changed what Apple is committed to offering its clients. If you've been a long-time appreciator of Apple, then the new Apple TV should not disappoint. It incorporates all of the quality and style that people have come to expect from Apple.

The Good Bad and Ugly facts about ATV
The device is internet ready, of course it can connect to iTunes to stream media, however the number of apps available to date are disappointing. YouTube is present, iPlayer for BBC is not. Social network sites (Facebook, Twitter) can't be accessed. ATV can't record either. Compatibility with HDTVs is good, any TV with a HDMI connection will suffice. You can stream movies from iTunes in 720p and 1080p HD format. As for network connectivity, it supports WiFi or good old fashioned RJ45 Ethernet cable.
As per the manufactures description you can ‘wirelessly stream content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your widescreen TV’ – this works well allowing owners access to content in addition to iCloud.

Finding the new third gen Apple TV will not be that difficult. As always, the product will be available in Apple stores, but persons who want to get a head start or don't want to deal with long lines can order online.

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Written by Chip Searl, 16/05/2012

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