Asphalt 3D (3DS)

Also known as Nitro Racing, Asphalt 3D is highly anticipated game which has been produced for the Nintendo 3DS. It's the first 3DS game produced by the games manufacturer, Gameloft. It's similar to Asphalt 6 in terms of its layout but incorporates 3D technology.

It's Appearance

For an arcade racing game it has a very realistic look. A major part of that is thanks to the fact it uses 42 cars from 21 licensed manufacturers, including Ducati motorcycles and Lamborghini, BMW and Aston Martin sports cars. In addition, 17 of the racing tracks are based in real cities, for example Paris and San Francisco.

3D Visuals

The best way to get a real sense of the 3D effects is by driving slowly as speeding along the images are more blurred. Alternatively, checking out the racing vehicles in Garage mode allows you to admire them turning on a podium. The 3DS motion sensing gyroscope lets you move around the system and also change the angle of the camera when examining your car in the Garage mode.

The Game

Basically, it's an arcade racing game. However, there are a few extra features. For instance, there are eight game modes including Vigilante, in which the vehicle in the last place is occasionally eliminated, and High Speed Chase, where you're trying to escape from the police. In Asphalt 3D drive 42 different racing cars on 17 tracks located in real cities. Asphalt 3D is set to be released alongside the Nintendo 3DS console in Spring 2011. It manages to combine the traditional layout of an arcade game with new 3D technology very successfully.

by Maxwell Niner 23/2/2011

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Chad Vega20-02-2011
Asphalt 3D was developed by Gameloft. This company has a history of manufacturing handheld game devices including Asphalt Urban GT. Recently, it’s been concentrating more on creating iPhone games. The graphics look better on Nintendo 3DS than Asphalt 6.
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