EA Sports Active 2 with Heart Rate Monitor (Wii)

Sports Active 2

Release Date: 19/11/2010

With the new EA Sports Active 2, you can have a full workout whenever you want. Using a gaming system is convenient and can be more fun too. The first EA Sports Active (Nintendo Wii) was a revolutionary game/hardware combo (Wii balance board) that made proper intensive workouts in any field possible using video games. The second multi-plaform version borrows the heart rate monitor from the first version and with numerous additional features specific to Wii (Accelerometer and Wii Balance Board compatible) makes workouts simple, effective, and enjoyable. In addition, the uniqueness of the workout style too will infect players with a new spirit.

All New Stimulation

You have multiple new features to make your workout as great as it could possibly be. The first new feature is that you can now take your workout online. The EA Sports Active 2 takes your score and progress online into the global community. This way you can track and compare your progress in physical fitness while simultaneously achieving all the goals you set out for yourself. Another online feature allows you to download new content to the game. You can download new workouts and exercises when you feel that the old ones are getting to you.

Better Workouts

The EA Sports Active 2 player will have hosts of other keep-fit options created for the sole purpose of a complete all round workouts. The heart rate monitor in the game will help you map the intensity of your workout without being invasive. Even most routines are completely hands-free with full body motion tracking available on all game consoles. You even have a personal trainer in EA Sports Active 2. This will keep you motivated and ensure that you have the best workouts and exercises meant for you. With more than 70 exercises, you can design a workout best suited for you. You also have a professionally designed nine-week fitness program that will progressively improve your fitness over the time period. Sports Active 2 has many other smaller programs so that you can achieve other goals too. Who would mock excergaming after the success of the best-selling predecessor? Certainly not David Beckham, he's actually endorsing this game!

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