FIFA 11 (Xbox 360)

If you are a sports enthusiast then FIFA 11 features will certainly entice you. It has everything that you wanted in FIFA 10 and will change your gaming experience. Although, not much has been revealed about the new features, there are some interesting changes. These captivating changes will bring freshness to your playing experience. They will certainly add zing to your game and ensure that your expectations are met.

EA Sports has been tight lipped about the new features and they will not reveal all. However, there is little information that will surely build excitement. In fact, this little information has build up a lot of anticipation and players are waiting expectantly. The eagerness of knowing the unknown has kept the spirits high and you will be glad to hear about some of the features of FIFA 11.

Personality Details: This is one feature that has been enhanced to the core. The Personality+ concept distinguishes footballers based on their skill sets and traits. Each footballer is graded over 36 attributes and 57 traits. Moreover, there are editors and reviewers who will evaluate each player and share their comments. The database will be uploaded in the football engine and it will be integrated in the game wherever required.

Real Life Keeper: FIFA 11 will have life-like goalkeepers. It will have dive and reflex attributes to determine the ability to reach further shots and reaction time of the keeper.

Pro Passing: This is another outstanding feature. Here the passing accuracy is based on various factors. A new type of pass has been introduced that will enable FIFA 11 players to make a safer and more effective play. The pro passing accuracy will be determined on the basis of player’s skill, the situation on the pitch, urgency on the pitch, and the ability over control pad.

Indeed, the new game will certainly score highly in reviews. It has many other features to be announced soon as we await the release of FIFA 11. by Martin

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