Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

Release Date: 19/11/2010

Harry Potter mania is sweeping the world with the latest can't wait to see movie. The Deathly Hallows game will certainly grab your attention. This magical super hero has swooned audiences worldwide. Whether it is the book, movie, or game, there are many followers. It has attracted young as well as adults alike. In fact, the last book of J K Rowling was more intense and intended for a more adult audience in order to coordinate with the writing style. The video game too is packed with action; even though it's released with a modest certificate 12 PEGI rating. Unlike the films which appear to be aging with the characters.

Story Synopsis
The story begins with Harry Potter choosing to abandon school after Dumbledore's death and Lord Voldemort's second rise to power. When Voldemort takes over power, it poses a threat to Wizarding and Muggle world. The trio is constantly running from death eaters and snatchers in this game. Harry Potter performs several spells like Confringo that causes massive explosions and Petrificus Totallus, the body-binding spell. Harry's armory is not just the spells. As mentioned earlier, he can throw potions on the enemies.

If you are a Potter fan the gameplay will not disappoint. You can cast spells that emit glowing trails. There are stealth missions throughout the story. Playing this video game is like living a story. There are other weapons that empower Harry Potter in this game. For instance, he can throw potions like garroting gas. Apart from that, as a player you can strengthen Harry Potter with good luck potions and Felix Felicis.

This game has multiple player option and many advanced features. Available on multi-platforms:

  • Wii Motion Plus Compatible - No. Wii Balance Board Compatible - No
  • Kinect Compatible - Yes
  • Move Compatible - No

Written by Mathew, November 12th 2010

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