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1-9-08: Judging by the growing number of people on the email alert list, we've decided to put together a few pointers to help you out buying Wii fit Balance Boards. Although the normal price of Wii Fit is £69.00, hate to break the bad news, but you are most certainly going to have to spend more. On average retail Wii fit bundles include 2 additional Wii games - this stands true both on the high street and online. The cheaper the Wii fit bundle the quicker they're gone. Many stores require you to have an account before you can buy. This makes it very difficult for the opportunist to find and buy stock in one fell swoop. Register and keep your log-in and payment card details ready. Forgetting your password and requesting a reset/resend will be held in a queue during the website's busy time, so by time your password is retrieved the stock has gone.

Store Specific Advice

- Amazon: Turn on one click buying, Amazon stock comes in frequent - but is gone in 60 seconds.

- Argos: Reserve and collect in store: £69.99 Personally, I've not seen Argos offering Wii fit delivery since launch date (April 16th 2008).

- Dixons, Currys, PCWorld: Most likely to sell Wii Fit with Wii consoles bundles only.

- GAME: Possibly, your best bet for buying Wii Fit. You don't need to pre-register, they'll confirm the order by email afterwards. GAME distribute more units than any other UK store. Most of Game's Wii fit packs includes GAMEware accessories - Silicon Skin / 1GB Card and often Wii Family Ski (excellent Wii Skiing game for your Wii board, buy it).

- Gamestation: Has fortnightly stock arriving, sold with 2 additional Wii games.

- HMV: Customer account pre-registration is required. HMV run out of stock in minutes, however the button to add the item to your basket remains much longer.

- Tesco: Tesco direct sell "The cheapest Wii Fit we've seen in stock", generally Tesco show none available from the supplier. Tesco's Wii fit stock lasted 4 hours by my watch, (but they too, show in-stock that's since sold-out)

- Techfocus: Seem to have an endless supply of Wii Fit packages with battery packs and Yoga mats taboo.

- Woolworths (Big-W): Woolworths struggle to obtain Wii hardware and Games generally. Most likey Woolys will only stock Wii fit bundles (Wii console + Wii fit £249.99)

- Zavvi (Formerly Virgin): Similarly, Zavvi announced they struggle with margins and stock; but they are often the cheapest online store for new release titles.

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