James Cameron's Avatar the Game (Wii) Review

Compatible with Wii MotionPlus and Wii Fit Balance Board

James Cameron's Avatar is the 3rd person shooter game based on the movie of the same name released on Wii. Reviews of the game have been mixed, with IGN giving it a passable 6.8.

The game is set on Pandora, the alien planet in which the film takes place, but two years previous. You control a Marine by the name of Lance Corporal Able Ryder, which you can decide to be a man or woman. Soon into the game, Ryder has to make a choice between siding with the human army Secops, or the Na'vi, the indigenous tribal natives that live on Pandora. If you side with the Na'vi, your human form becomes unplayable, and if you choose the humans, the same goes for your avatar. Both types of characters are equipped with their own unique weapons and abilities, with further weapons and abilities unlocked as you gain experience points.

Both sides have their own advantages and disadvantages.  As a human, you have access to quite the arsenal, such as the Standard Issue Rifle and Shotgun, as well as a range of vehicles, like the Scorpian and the ATV. However, it's obvious the moral bankruptcy in choosing RDA, whose only purpose is to destroy the lush environment of Pandora and its people.

As one of the Na'vi, you have the moral high ground, but without all the cool toys. You can only carry one gun, which isn't very accurate, and your defenses are rather weak. The only thing that makes up for this are the Na'vi's special abilities, like Titan's Bash to stun enemies or the ability to summon Thanators for a ride and attack boost.

It's the 3D stereoscopic presentation that gives Avatar the game it's due, which is the first game to be compatible with 3D displays. The depth of the environment immerses you completely in this alien world, which is full of saturated color and texture, but unfortunately, the player has very limited access to this breakthrough technology which is the highlight of the game in the first place.

While the stereoscopic 3D effects are astounding and should be applauded, the plot just isn't terribly compelling and the gameplay isn't all that fun. In the end, Avatar the game comes off lackluster next to the movie's brilliant colorful experience. by Lauren

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