Japan sells out of Nintendo 3DS stock

The entire stock of 3DS handheld consoles sold out in Japan during the initial 24 hours post launch. The sales figures for pre-orders and in shop purchases totalled 400,000 units. The second shipment arrived within a few days to put the 3DS in stock again. Nintendo expect to ship 4 million 3DSs by the end of March.

Speculatively, Nintendo may route most of the new stock to countries least effected by recession (Asia). Gamesindustry.biz has reported in Germany retailers have braced for limited stock on launch. Nintendo 3DS could be hard to find in Europe and U.S. With past Nintendo releases, severe stock shortages lasting months occurred in the UK with Wii in 2006 and Wii Fit 2008, this is far less likely to happen during recession. During pre-orders 3DS prices in the UK have dropped from £239 to under £197.

The top selling 3DS games were: Professor Layton: Mask of the Miracle and Nintendogs + Cats (three versions)

Written 3/3/2011

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Nick Riley12-03-2011
Japan's massive earthquake voids this story. radioactive 3ds going cheap.
Mr Riley, the threat of radiation contamination is miniscule. Experts say readings are much lower than around Chernobyl after the 1986 accident in Ukraine.

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