Man attacked by Zombie at 3DS Event: Arnolfini

One person attending the 3DS pre-launch event, got more than 3D effects. The local man in his 30s was very angry after discovering a piece of his leather jacket had been bitten off at the Nintendo pre-launch event held at the Arnolfini, on the morning of Saturday 12th February 2011.

"The crowd were pushing, it was in the darkness. A zombie done it." said the man who appeared angered by the incident, showing the door attendant the lower shoulder area of a brown jacket he was wearing. The leather jacket was missing a few inches of leather, as you would expect if something grabbed a hold and tore a hand sized chunk off.

The victim was referring to part of the tour which takes guests through a Resident Evil Mercenaries scene. Guests unexpectedly end up being guided into a dark room, suddenly, the room is filled with horrors a man with a chainsaw wearing a paper bag over his head comes out. Leon Kennedy appears and leads the guest to safety through an exit as Zombies reach out at the guests while being fought back by Kennedy. The victim had returned to the event to speak to officials carrying his jacket.

Police Inside the first room: Nintendo Museum Zombie Attack

Live from the 3DS pre-launch event


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Ian Lockwell01-03-2011
Zombie attacks are mostly prevalent in the Fallowfield district of Manchester.
Brent Saul11-03-2011
he's been infected. a zombie outbreak sick! no school. i'm telling teach
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