New PS3 Super Skinny Reveal

Nothing much different apart from... a lot. It has new hard drive capacities, fully upgradable / downgradeable, a flash memory model, front loading tray, a tram-line hairstyle (grooved casing).

Here she blows! The teenage dream of consoles.

Older models usually get phased out. In the past this has been disastrous. Tesco and ASDA bought thousands of PS3 120GB consoles, then Sony launched a 250GB model, then soon after dropped its price. This caused a problem, as the stores did not want to stock the new model, and the old one retailed for much more! They had no way to dump off the old stock. It took months for the supermarkets to shift the overpriced consoles, but they did eventually, then they seemed reluctant to offer the system at all. The end result was Sony sold a lot less consoles. Anyway, new for 2012 is a super skinny budget 12GB and a 500GB model.

Compared to PS3 slim the skinny is 25 % lighter and 25% smaller!

How did they make the ps3 smaller is a mystery?
New PS3 Super Skinny Reveal
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