Nintendo DSi Bundles

The first official Nintendo DSi XL bundle gets released to mark the 25th Anniversary of Mario. The new Red DSi XL console bundle includes New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS). The special DSi XL red casing has embossed characters, packaged in a collectable Special Edition Box with NSMB box artwork. UK release date: Ocober 22nd 2010

Nintendo DSi XL Console (Red) with New Super Mario Bros. Bundle (Nintendo DS)

Nintendo DSi XL Red with New Super Mario Bros.

A new DSi XL bundle has appeared, however it looks like a John Lewis exclusive. The Wine Red DSi XL Gift Pack includes Art Academy (DS) along with Brain Training (DS) and presumably the usual pre-installed DSiWare. Written on 26th October 2010

Wine Red DSi XL Gift Pack

Nintendo DSi XL Wine Red Gift Pack

The first official Nintendo DSi bundle gets released just in time for Valentines day. The new Pink DSi console bundle includes Style Boutique (Nintendo DS). The eye-catching red stiletto on pink box artwork will undoubtedly boost brownie points; there should be no doubt about who it’s for. UK release date: February 12th 2010

Nintendo DSi Console (Pink) with Style Boutique Bundle (Nintendo DS)

Professor Layton and the Curious Village DS Bundle is the latest console bundle from Nintendo. The bundle contains the same as the DS Lite console package plus 1 game is included. *Actual packaging may differ slightly between retailers. The official bundle has the box artwork shown here. This edition was the 2nd Father’s Day DS Lite Bundle.

Nintendo DS Bundle (Black) with Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village - Nintendo DSi Bundle

  • Nintendo DSi & DS Lite provides a gaming experience that appeals to all ages
  • Two screens (Dual) are better than one - utilizing vertical and horizontal playable games, with left and right handed game play modes DSi Features

Update 29-01-2010: Nintendo now offer two types of DSi and one DS Lite console. A new Nintendo DSi XL console is coming soon with new multi-player gaming! Similar DS i and Lite consoles are listed for a quality price comparison during the transition. Due to limited supplies, white DS Lite console bundles are the only way to get hold of one. A blue DSi bundle is expected for release this month along with a pink DSi console. This page order is by recommended best offers first and then by cheapest Nintendo DS Lite from shops in the UK, updated in real-time. Summary: Nintendo DSi handheld, DSi Bundles, Dsi Packages, DSi Deals, DSi Price,DSi XL Pre order, DSi console Bundles, cheapest Nintendo DSi console

Nintendo DSi XL Bundles

Play has several DSi XL bundles to pre-order. The best price DSi XL console bundle starts at just £154.99:

  • Nintendo DSi XL (Dark Red) Bundle with "Nintendo Presents: Crossword Collection"

Ten pounds more will buy you a much better game with your DSi XL

  • Nintendo DSi XL (Dark Brown) Bundle + Professor Layton and Pandora's Box - £164.99
  • Nintendo DSi XL (Dark Brown) Bundle + The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - £169.99


Buyers' Guide: Its no secret the Internet is the best place to buy a Nintendo DSi. Choosing a console is down to preference, choosing where to buy a good console is often overlooked in hindsight. A principle shoppers often fail to notice is the nature of online competitiveness between shops. Often a Nintendo DSi console and best selling game are bundled together much cheaper. Under the following pages you can compare the cheapest Nintendo DSi consoles online. When retailers begin to offer Nintendo DSi XL pre-order prices, or when a better deal at the same cost is on, then those details take preference.

Nintendo DSi is a revolutionary handheld 3D games console sporting an impressive choice of Touch Generation games only available on Nintendo. The new DSi console has two major improvements on the DS Lite, those being slimmer, and having a bigger display

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