Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

The football season is here and kick off controversy ensues. As with every season comes one of its titanic battles: Which is the best football game for Christmas? The fight started through a noble effort from Fifa 2010, but October 23rd launches Pro Soccer Evolution 2010. Let battle commence!...


            The first thing to notice about ‘Pro Evo’ is how mature the game feels. After a seemingly unsteady transition to Next-gen consoles, three years on, it has established itself on the Xbox 360. PES 10 fully incorporates the HD system and it looks phenomenal. The graphics really are superb. The player reconstruction of individuals such as Christiano Ronaldo and Beckham is second to none, and the pitch glitches which hampered the first installments’ has been ironed out,
so in terms of looks; Round one Pro Evo: Pro Evo 1 - Fifa 0

            Game play has always been a winning factor for Pro Evolution, and once again Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 has not disappointed. The 360 turning system which was touted as revolutionary in previous titles, failed to live up to expectations before. This time it is far more on track. Player movement is fluid and more importantly accurate. It really does feel like the real thing. The through ball system has been reassessed and works better. The Master League system has had a make over, and with the introduction of sponsorship deals, and English currency, its turned into a top management game as well: Pro Evo 2 - Fifa 0

            PES 2010 is not without flaws however and the once huge gap with Fifa has firmly been closing. The menu system has changed completely, which ultimately is a lot simpler. This is not a huge concern, but consistency is all they need. Become a Legend fails to really progress from 2009. It’s a novel idea controlling your own player, and through the Xbox Live camera you can map your own face. The licensing issues that have haunted Konami for so long have not been changed; so expect West Midlands Village against Middlebrook! Fifa get one back: Pro Evo 2 - Fifa 1

            Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is a brilliant “must buy” football sim. Its place in footballing folklore will always be up there as one of the greats. But Fifa is hot on its heals, and as long as they hold onto the licensing keys it will still be appealing. But if it’s the real football simulator people want, on the Xbox 360, Pro Evolution is your game. by Richard Prior

Summary: Pro Evo Soccer 2010 (Konami) on platforms [Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii]. See also FIFA 10 prices – PES 10 Vs FIFA 10

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