Pro Evolution Soccer: PES 2011 Xbox 360

PES 11 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 release by Konami is a fitting competitor to the FIFA (Electronic Arts) annual series, as has been for so many years now, though there are parts in each game franchise which remain as points of desired improvement.

Let us compare Konami's release to gauge the changes made in this year's version of the Pro Evolution Soccer. The PES 11 game has been developed for consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii). Those seasoned footy gamers like us might prefer the all new PES 11 over its rival FIFA 11. Here's a few teasers to coninvince the sceptics PES 11 is worth buying.

PES 11

Release Date: 29/10/2010

  • Improved Menu Screens: This is a much welcome change from its previously outlandish screens for the management and player selection screens. Details in the information menus are also better.
  • Improved Gameplay: The player control has improved a lot after the frustrating movements and pathetic controls of the player or the ball in the 2010 release. The turf control is far more responsive and makes for real and emphatic gameplay. It is fun to execute a goal kick from a distance of 30 yards on the football field as the shot has a thunderous realism!
  • Improved Graphics: The graphics and animation is improved and realistic as is evident during the goal celebrations where the players (taken from the real football world) do look their part. The celebrations animatronics and crowd reaction, specially the audio, has come out very well and sounds real.

Desired Improvements

Online Gaming: The online gaming is sketchy and there are occasional graphical glitches. The FIFA game is much more stable.
Gameplay: Konami has not implemented the drag and drop player substitution facility which makes the mechanics of player selection still a point of improvement. The player to player choreography is not as effective as the FIFA version.

Overall PES 11 is a good experience for the Konami fans and offers good gameplay though with some desired areas of improvement.

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