Pre-order Xbox One

The release has been confirmed and retailers have began taking deposits on Xbox one consoles. Will you be pre-ordering and where from?

Xbox One Bundle launch dates
Forza Day One - 22 Nov 2013
Fifa 14 Special Edition 22 Nov 2013

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Pre-order Xbox One
Asked By Gi_Joe, 10-06-2013, 13:14:56 ► BlogAsk
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Login to appreciate full details. Gameseek have raised theirs by £10. Was £419.75 until 01/11/2013 10:20am, since then £429.99. To my understanding, being logged in unlocks all non-paying advertisers + reports. Otherwise there really is no way to tell what's cheap vs where WAS cheap.
game has more than one bundle. missing forza & ghosts
I decided a long time before release day should i buy a next gen console or not. I considered PS. Eventually went with my gut feeling and ordered The Xbox One with Fifa console. The price did influence me in deciding. I wasn't sure about the whole camera console thing, until after using kinect, i see why this is the future and integral to new Xboxs.

Installing the Xbox one set up went fast even being ultra impatient, that took 25 minutes which included the time to copy my Live profile.

The system is very impressive, i didn't expect games to look much better. how wrong i was. the graphics look immediately sharper with deeper colours all round more lifelike. Fifa the game i buy annually, i had low expectations that EA could make it better, wrong again. there's ten times the animations the power of the console truly shines, my jaw went to the floor. The close up detail on games has much better quality. finally an added bonus the Xbox One plays blu-ray disc quietly too.

One month on, all's good. a few people have complained about controller faults in forums, that has to be expected, me included and the majority had no trouble.

Yes, i would recommend Xbox One.
Bril just bought the one in argos £498 with extra controller seeing that Tesco declined my card. Thanks
i have bought an x box 1 thanks to your help. useful site!
Hi FlameHawk, Xbox one deals and stock change frequently. Dead links get removed to save you time. Hope that helps.

Update 04/11/13. Only 26% on the list can be pre-ordered, the rest have gone.

Update 13/11/13. Most visitors want to know "can I buy an Xbox One Day One or PS4 without pre ordering?"
Yes, providing there's stock.

Update 18/01/14. More buying options... Price drop? Subscribe above, an email will tell you when it's cheaper this year.

Buy now pay later / finance? 24ace, Argos, Amazon credit card.

Cashback? See the Rewards page for info on cashback rates and admin fees.

Voucher codes? Check above for 'more offers' - when none found that's because discount codes and offer coupons are tailored for 'hard to sell' or big ticket products that aren't best sellers such as consoles (advertised on virtually every website). If you do find a valid voucher code, the end deal probably costs more. Occasionally, new customers find an ecoupon; on closer reading the small print says (exclusions apply ie games consoles).
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