PS3 Slim Vs Xbox 360 – Which One Is Better and Why?

When it comes to reviewing PS3 Slim Vs Xbox 360, people often get confused on which option makes a better choice for them. The gaming console market was never that tough as it is now. Many years back, there was the original PlayStation that dominated the console market. Then, soon PS2 emerged as the console to trump. But now that people have got other alternative options as well, such as Xbox 360, they have begun wondering whether PlayStation 3 is still leading in the gaming industry. Well, it truly is. Following are some of the top reasons that put PS3 Slim still at the top of the industry.

More Powerful  

If you compare the various aspects of PS3 slim Vs Xbox 360, you will find PS3 a more powerful gaming system. In the latest version of PS3, the bar has been set as much higher. If you are a serious gamer, PS3 is undoubtedly the best choice for you because it is a versatile multimedia hub.  

Reliability Of The Hardware

The hardware in PS3 Slim is much more reliable. It is a robust gaming system, where the users do not have to encounter any software problems. Xbox 360 on the other hand often encounters a serious hardware problem, which is termed as “the red ring of death”.  

Much Quieter

Unlike Xbox 360, the PS3 Slim does not make a loud whirling noise when running discs. PS3 Slim runs much quieter; almost silent.

High Definition Gaming Experience 

With its crisper clarity and the stunning graphics, PS3 Slim provides the users an impressive, high definition gaming experience.

Impressive Catalog

If you compare PS3 slim Vs Xbox 360 in terms of the titles in their catalog, you will find the PS3 catalog much more impressive, as PlayStation 3 has some exclusive titles, which are highly engrossing and addictive, such as infamous, Killzone 2, Warhawk, and Resistance 2.

Free Online Games

PS3 slim offers free online games for the PlayStation users. On the other hand, Xbox users need to sign up for a paid subscription first in order to gain access to their online games. 

The Best Blu-Ray Player In The Market

PS3 slim does not only offer free Netflix streaming media but it also includes the best Blu-ray player on the market.

Wireless & Internet Ready

If you review PS3 slim Vs Xbox 360 thoroughly, you will find that unlike Xbox, PS3 does not require you to buy an expensive Wi-Fi adapter to enjoy its Wi-Fi capabilities. PS3 Slim comes Internet ready with a wireless LAN network adapter. You can not surf the Internet on an Xbox 360 Elite at all.

Easy-To-Navigate Interface

The navigation system in PS3 is not only less time consuming but it is also more intuitive.

More Reliable, More Versatile, and More Innovative

There is an endless array of outstanding features that PS3 has but Xbox hasn’t. In terms of innovation, reliability, and versatility, PS3 is simply beyond any comparison.

While comparing PS3 slim Vs Xbox 360, you will experience that xbox has some serious flaws. Xbox 360 has already failed in Japan, is losing its appeal in Europe, and is struggling badly to maintain its position in the US. So, PS3 is a clear-cut winner.

Summary: 10 Reasons Why PS3 250GB is better than Xbox 360 250gb Elite.

14th January 2010, by Tim Hewitt

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