PS3 Slim 320gb with PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move takes PS3's gaming to another level. Now with cutting edge tech PS3 can incorporate Motion capture with excellent precision to allow a new dimension in gameplay. What's great about this tech is that Sony have made Move fully compatible games and also updated older games to work with PlayStation Move too. The Move phenomenon allows game players to interact with games in a way which people had only dreamt about.

To celebrate the release, a special edition PS3 Slim 320gb with PlayStation Move bundle has been created. The starter pack is strictly limited edition and likely to be a collectable. Pricewise it retails for £294.99 - surprisingly today, it's listed at just £289.99. Order online now while the price and availability lasts!

PS3 Slim 320GB with PlayStation Move


  1. Sony PS3 Slim (black) with 320gb hard drive
  2. DualShock 3 wireless controller
  3. PS3 Move Starter Pack: Move controller + Eye camera
  4. USB cable


  1. PlayStation Move demo disc

The PlayStation Move Controller is becoming increasingly popular, today not many shops show it available to order, which could mean it's unavailable on the high-street (now, if not already sold out). Today, wrote ‘Retailers have begun super-sizing Move bundles as more shoppers opt for a bigger game package with Move to get a better bundle deal’ – with 4 years industry experience to their name the Christmas out of stock warning seem imminent.

Wed, 17 Nov 2010 18:04:14 GMT

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