PS4 Pre-order Prices

The release has been confirmed and retailers have began taking deposits on PS4 consoles. Will you be pre-ordering and where from?

PS4 Bundle Release Dates
Knack: Launch Day 29/11/13
Assassin's Creed Black Flag: Launch Day 29/11/13
Killzone Shadowfall: Launch Day 29/11/13

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PS4 Pre-order Prices
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Dante Evergray15-09-2013
Before ordering i shopped around to a buy playstation 4 in instalments. apart from ridiculous apr, they've also got ridiculous delivery date of February 2014, so that ruled out shop direct catalog group in one fell swoop (Littlewoods, Isme, Very) all the same finance policies.

Asda website won't let me order online, so also I ruled out Asda extra journey.

Finally Argos. They have a credit card that lets me order online as well. They've got moral interest repayments too. I would have considered tesco, had i not left it this late. Tesco stopped taking pre orders way early. Not stocked after a week waiting. In the end Amazon became top store for buying a ps4 on credit. 0% for 13 months on purchases. By a country mile. Hope this helps :)
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Update: Most visitors want to know "can I buy a PS4 or Xbox One Day One without pre ordering?"
Yes, providing the site has PS4 stock to allocate and most important, their delivery date meets your needs.

Cashback? See the Rewards page for info on cashback rates and admin fees.

Voucher codes? Check above for 'more offers' - when none found that's because discount codes and offer coupons are tailored for 'hard to sell' or big ticket products that aren't best sellers.
Coralie Frost30-12-2013
you helped me find what I was looking for, Thankyou
Sarah Norman03-01-2014
i was very pleased to find how quickly your ps4 stock tracker alerted me. a little worried knack was too babyish for my 18 year old boy. as it turned out to be a favourite. knack starts life cute and cuddly before his powers transform him to a growling beast of destruction! excellent game.
Liz Hartney03-01-2014
Have now got a PS4 (thanks very much, was due to one of your alerts) so no longer need to be kept posted
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