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The manufacturer’s of PlayStation Portable have continually made new, better versions of their mini Playstation consoles [currently PS3 Slim 250gb (PS3 variant number four)], and the most recent innovation  is  PSP Go! Released less than two years after the PSP 3000, which was very popular successor to the PSP Slim & Lite. PSP gamers’ were very happy with the performance of the PSP 3000 console, therefore the success of the Go! products (PSp go!, PSP  GoCam) depends upon the alternatives on the market, which offer similar purposes. The more purposes offered the greater possibilities; but will it win over new gamers to PSP? Or also those out to buy a camera mounting minus the camera, a memory stick, a sat nav, the latest gadget, any mobile device, any bluetooth computer or perhaps those wanting to download downloads? A quick PSP 3000 Vs PSP Go comparison will show you the best points of both PSPs.

Top to bottom it’s completely different compared to the PSP 3000, the PSP Go is tinier, PSP Go doesn’t compute tangible UMD media. Rumour has it Logitech might provide a peripheral add-on read: "hardware upgrade", plus the gamepad buttons slide-out from under the screen, so it's more portable – more powerful too!

Comparison of Technical Features PSP Go - PSP 3000

PSP Go CPU 333 Mhz PSP 3000 CPU 222 Mhz
PSP Go Battery Time 3-6 hours PSP 3000 Battery Time 4-7 hours
PSP Go Screen Size 3.8 inch PSP 3000 Screen Size 4.3 inch
PSP Go Weight 160g PSP 3000 Weight 190g
PSP Go Media N-1000 PSP 3000 Media UMD
PSP Go Remote Play PS3 - Yes PSP 3000 Remote Play to PS3 - Yes
PSP Go Parental Controls & Internet Ready - Yes

PSP 3000 Parental Controls & Internet Ready - Yes

PSP Wireless 802.11b & Bluetooth PSP 3000 802.11bWireless
PSP Go, Go! Camera Compatible - Yes PSP 3000, Go! Camera Compatible - Yes

Cheap PSP Go -- Sony PSP 3000 Bundles

PSP Go Vs PSP 3000: Which is better? Many inconsistent online technical specifications exist for both the PSP Go and PSP 3000, in addition to new firmware updates changing specs on power savings, many other settings can be overridden when hacked for instance the CPU clock configuration can be overclocked to 333 Mhz using internet homebrew downloads (illegal, but rife).

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