Resident Evil 5 Review

That shot felt good from trailers that Capcom put forward its next killer approach to TGS. If we had even the impression of seeing a little too much, some clear images of the end of the game, how to rebuff the Japanese society in the sense that these videos had everything to please the fans of the series. In this respect, say that the playability is the same on both Xbox 360 and PS3, the only differences between the two carriers involved are the aliasing, more present on the machine from Microsoft. For the rest, you could choose between two courses, both great games but which architecture is obviously different.

Resident Evil 5

Moreover, all starting with the graphical impression that ultimately is less than a well-mounted video. It goes without saying that this was mainly due to the fact that the environments were not the most beautiful in the game that will propel us into third world cities, arid deserts, the complex high-tech or even buried in a earth temple, populated by Mayan warriors, referring at times one of the sets of Resident Evil 4 minus the Zombies. In this respect, how can we not evoke the very (too) many similarities between the two titles? Almost shocking at times although it is hoped ultimately that this episode will keep some semblance of emancipation with peers other than through the location of its action. For those who do not know yet, briefly recall here that Albert Wesker will sign his return in the Umbrella corporation through relics of the past that a new company was the owner. In short, it's not about jumping to the ceiling on the side even if the cinematics screenplay, orchestrated by an U.S. studio, promise to pick up the retina.

Resident Evil 5: Chris Redfield

On the question of the action, Capcom has set the bar pretty high. So yes, we find here also copy and paste scenes of Resident Evil 4 (the sequence of the storming and the house being shown in the same way in RE5, blocking windows with shelves included) but we forget soon this state of facts. It is nevertheless quite surprising to find elements of Resident Evil Zero synonymous here with a partner who will sometimes interact. Indeed, in specific locations, you can choose to help the damsel Sheva allowing him to make a jump or climb to high places as was the case with Ashley in RE4. You will also need to log in each other, by exchanging weapons, ammunition, sprays, etc... To do this, simply press a button to bring the lady and then transfer your inventory items to another. Speaking of that, note that the cases of RE4 have been neglected in favour of the old system. Suddenly, a machine gun takes place as a master piece. A little credible, but more comfortable for the player. Finally, like Gears of War, if your partner is being undermined by an enemy, you have few seconds to rescue him by making him an injection of adrenaline, this preventing his death and then a bad game over. For the little we have seen, the reactions were good, unlike those enemies who were extremely slow, this allowing us to draw a lot of missteps. However, this was probably due to the level difficulty of the non-adjustable demo. Something else to mention, starting with the idea of dehydration, which seems a priori to have completely disappeared. In the end, you should avoid too heaping praise or criticize Resident Evil 5 for choosing paths already explored RE5 has more than enough to gain the good graces from fans.

Resident Evil 5

by Jean Albert

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