Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition

Super Mario Bros by Nintendo is not only a timeless classic; it is also one of the most recognised platform games in the realm of entertainment. It's the 25th anniversary of that loveable plumber "Mario", and all of us can celebrate this occasion in style with Nintendo's Special Edition Red DSi console. A collectable worth keeping without a doubt. The Red enamel case has iconic power-up characters - distinctly familiar to the Mario tribe of games.

On 13th September 2010, Mario will be 25 years old. To celebrate the success of Nintendo's Mario series, new limited edition consoles are going on sale in time for Christmas!

Red Special Edition DSi XL with New Super Mario Bros

Special Edition Red DSi XL Bundle

  • The limited Edition Red Nintendo with Super Mario Bros DSi XL and Wii is proving to highly-sought after, due to the low cost. Initially the Special Edition Wii best price is just £149.00, while the Special Edition Red DSi XL comes in at below SRP, at just £150! All prices correct at time of writing, subject to change and availability. *Strictly limited edition.
  • The USA will see a similar Special Edition DSi XL with Mario Kart bundle (see slides on right). It's pre-loaded with 3 games: Brain Age Express Maths, Brain Age Express Arts & Letter, Photo Clock and on cartridge Mario Kart (DS).

The Special Edition UK console comes with 2 games pre-installed. Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: Arts Edition, and Dictionary 6 in 1 with Camera Function and NSMB DS game cartridge. Mario games are developed by Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo on both the DS and Wii. The best price Red Nintendo DSi XL console bundle with New Super Mario Bros (DS) costs £24.98 less than it would if buying separate at GAME. As you can see, it's on sale much cheaper as a DSi XL bundle.

Written on Nov 4th 2010 10:45

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