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Help: How to use our Stock Checker and Email Alerts

The PS4 and Xbox One is in high demand and very short supply throughout the World. If you live in the UK and only want UK stockist, then we can help. (If you can’t be bothered to read all this page - Follow @gamestock for News).

When a product stock falls below a minimum threshold GameStock allows you to get back in stock alerts. Getting stock alerts is fast, easy and convenient. You can manage your own alert history (see Image below): You might want to buy from a preferred retailer or any available stockist, but have missed it, you can reset each individually or all.

You will only get stock alerts/price drops for the comparison pages you are subscribed to. If there is no stock shortage, then the system sends only price drops, where there is low stock, you get both types of alert, though it is unusual to get price drop alerts on low stock high demand goods.

Your Control Panel is called My Subscriptions. Joining costs nothing. No fees - No charge - FREE FOR ALL since 2008. First you must register on site. Once registered you can subscribe to back in stock alerts. Many of the best deals are short lived – some items only stay in stock for minutes. Keep an eye on your email inbox. Make sure emails from us are not going in your spam folder.

You need to move our emails to your Inbox to use the link quickly, otherwise your clicks could be blocked, you will be slowed down. A Google search for GameStock PS4 doesn’t find this website, you’d end up lost.

Take a look at top of the webpage for Links where it says My Subscriptions. This is where you manage your Alerts and emails.


Step 1) Find the specific console page: Xbox One or PS4.

Step 2) Enter your email address in the box carefully making sure it is correct and an active account. If you haven't used it for months (yahoo) it might be inactive, all email sent there is discarded. (If you already have registered visit the page and click Add to Wishlist and goto Step 5).

Step 3) Check your inbox to verify your email address immediately after by clicking the link or visit www.gamestock.co/register and input your unique code. We send a few reminder emails. If you haven’t received any after 1-day, try again using another email address.

Step 4) Log in to gamestock, check your subscription.

Step 5) Wait for real-time stock alerts and price drops 24/7... You will get one alert per item so you are not bombarded with REPEATING emails

At first you need to be brought bang up to date as things can change between page views. You will receive a bunch of emails from markeplace sellers that are saying we will let you Order or Pre-order. The timeframe can vary. We do our best to determine whether or not its acceptable to show in stock, if there is too long ie. (dispatched with in 7 or more days) usually we say no stock. At present retailers show pre-order Xbox One now for 2014.

Managing your Alert History

  • Tesco Xbox One Special Edition with Fifa 14
  • John Lewis: Xbox One Special Edition with Fifa 14
  • John Lewis: Xbox One Console
  • Argos: Xbox One Console with xyz game
  • ...

Note the bundle difference in the John Lewis example above. Special Edition & Console only let you choose which to get again or not.

What happens if you missed the one you wanted? Click on the link to reset. You’ll alerted as soon as that specific item is back in stock. Do not reset the Alerts for the ones you are not interested in. For example Amazon in stock on 08/01/2014.

PlayStation 4 PS4 Stockist List

What happens when you no longer need alerts? Unsubscribe from that product stock alerts and keep in touch!

What happens if you don’t care about alerts? Over time you will get alerts until you have been alerted once for all of them. Then eventually, you’ll be alerted when the price drops less than your cheapest alert...

To remove a subscription when you have your order delivered visit My subscriptions page and tick the box and press update to unsubscribe. You can also use the link in your emails to reset or unsubscribe.

Any problems let us know–our mission is to help you! Please take a minute to share our homepages to recommend us.

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Ps4 is in limited stock at zavvi.com for pre Xmas stock ,If you are new to zavvi you can get 5% off the the whole of your first order. Create an account and as you do use referral code: ZV3875492 then make your order.
Important: To prevent sending Unnecessary email traffic you will only get Back In Stock Email Alerts by opting in after your account was verified.

How to fix when your alert history is empty or does not look like the list above.

Remove the subscription, find that stock alert page, add the stock alert subscription.

Check the Green triangle is showing Stock Alerts Activate. *Stock alerts become active on pages when the total number of products in stock falls below 40%.
Recent Feedback & Explanation
*Do not order before checking the delivery date meets your needs* Some items show In Stock: because they can be ordered! But you shouldn't! (Unless you are happy with delivery terms)

Be sure, when shops have new supplies of consoles ready to dispatch, the delivery date changes to 1-2 days .

Update: 09:01:2014 From now on stock alerts won't get sent if the due in date is longer to wait than usual order times.
andy phillips15-12-2013
Thanks to your help, we found the PS4 we needed!
I logged onto to this site frantically looking for a ps4 for my sons Christmas present, as every where I tried was out of stock until the new year, and the next day couldn't believe my luck got alert that Asda had some in stock online, and yes the very next day husband picked it up from our local Asda, so thank you very much, we are now going to have a happy person xmas morning, also, it was £14.00 cheaper than the ones I was looking at. Thankyou
Have managed to get what I needed thanks for your help
S Anderson18-12-2013
Received goods I was looking for
Scottish Dragon18-12-2013
Have the item that I needed.
Julie M22-12-2013
Has been a brilliant helpful site and have what I was looking for now. I will use again but I need the emails to now stop
couldn't have found one otherwise. will use again when time comes
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