Super Street Fighter IV (PS3)


Release Date: 30/04/2010

Without a doubt, Street Fighter is one of the classics, it not only popularised fighting games, but also ruled the genre as king. Unfortunately, that's been nearly a decade ago and we haven’t really seen a proper sequel to the all time classic Street Fighter 2 since, well Street Fighter 2. Street Fighter 3 was good, but it never felt just right, with the absence of most of the original cast and a few fundamental changes to the gameplay and mechanics, it felt like a completely new game as opposed to a proper sequel, even spawning it’s own breed of fanboy and fan culture. Jump forward 9 years in time and a new challenger has appeared.

Street Fighter 4 kicks it back old school, with the return of the original warriors and 6 new faces, tweaks to the fighting system (which still manage to keep the old classic feel in tact) and a whole new graphical approach in the form 2.5D and a splash of water colour, it has given the series one more shot, at immortality. A well designed online play system has been added this time around, with a smooth interface and smart ranking system that pits you against your true rank. Throw in a bonus 25-roster cast and you can't go wrong with this game. Well that's not to say Capcom was stopping there, just last month at the Tokyo Game Show, they announced the release of Super Street Fighter 4, this will be hitting shores in spring 2010, just like the former Super versions of the Street Fighter 2 series this new instalment is to come with new move sets and winning strategies added for each character, along with a few tweaks in the fighting system, with a broader “focus attack” mechanism having been mentioned, but the HUGE bonus for fans of the series is the inclusion of 8-10 new characters, 3 of whom have already been revealed as, fan favourites Dee-Jay and  T-Hawk from Super Street Fighter 2 and a new face named Juri, who is apparently Korea’s debut into the Street Fighter Universe.

The game is set to be "a full retail release" and not a DLC, which is the new trend these days and so fans have been warring all over Internet forums for justification as to why they should pay retail price for what could clearly be added on as a DLC, in Capcom’s defence, they claim the changes are too extensive that it would be next to impossible making the game a DLC, but taking customer complaints into consideration, the game will not retail at full price, also, owners of both the original and Super version will have an "undisclosed" treat in store. Shame we will have to wait till next spring to know what we’ve won. by Zeel Okoye

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