The Gadget Show

The Gadget Show event on daily from 9th-13th April at the NEC in Birmingham. At the exhibition you try and buy the latest gadgets, games and tech. Here's a mini survival guide from our visit yesterday.

Top Freebies
A free large bar of chocolate, plus a free Gadget Show cloth bag. How to blag: Buy the Telegraph newspaper at the stand £1.50.
Help yourself to sweet pots dotted about on many small stands.
A free box of mints at the official Gadget Show merchandise stand. More free munchies to try at various stands.
Free pack of long life heavy duty Phillips AA batteries stuck to the GadgetShow Official Guide book £10.
The Tactus doll. Pick this wooden man-in-a-box up at the Tactus stand where you can try out Google glasses. The figurine comes with a proposition. Your mission should you choose to accept: take Tactus with you on adventures and take a selfie with it, then post the picture to Twitter using the hashtag #WheresTactus
Free photo of you being cornered by Zombies at the Zombie survival stand.
Fonebitz tablet stylus pen at stand. Given out free by Reps.
Free CampingAZ quickbed recieved gratis by joining Costco Wholesale (trade).
Free bus ride, to and from parking zones to the main entrance hall.

The Gadget Show Mini Survial Guide

Crazy Things to See and Go on
TurboWheel distribute 1 wheel personal transport. The Airwheel is a portable self balancing wheel with foot-pegs, available in 3 colours / 1 model. The basic AirWheel X3 costs £490, to the custom design version weighing 9.8kg and costing £599. AirWheels have on and off road capability shown on the video. For the extra money I'd rather have a more powerful motor.
1 Wheelboard skateboard (actual name OneWheel). The closest invention to Motorised hover-board according to Otis. This kickstarter funded invention was harder to ride than the Turbowheel, which flies along. At times OneWheel barely moves at all on flat hard carpet.
DigiLegs ideal for.... when you don a raptor dinosaur costume and need the reptile looking legs; or costume kit for a Jurassic park film set.
VW Electric car XL1 only 200 will be made cost 160k Euro.
Random guy who shows you how to pickle your own head in a jar using trick photography.
Flying robots £25 each, walking slave-bots that fetch & carry £35 each on the Red5 stand.
Oculus rift virtual reality headgear for PC gaming. Possibly the nearest rival to Sony Playstation 4s Project Morpheus VR. £350

Game Zone
Try out Kinect Sport Rivals. Play it on the big screen single player, or multiplayer party mode.
Forza 5 Xbox One game - play inside a car.
Trials Fusion game on Xbox one rowed seating.
Plants vs Zombies garden warfare Xbox One rowed seating.
Sniper Elite 3 on PC
Wikipad the new tablet game system encased in a controller. Runs Android OS; but wait, there's more. Exclusive news: Apple have certified a Wikipad Gamevice controller for an iPad version to launch soon. The Wikipad tablet costs £250 and the Gamevice controller only retails at half that.
Projector Gaming on Steam and the new Steam controller, both were impressive.
Coin op Arcade machines from way back, working payables: Mortal Kombat II and retro machines for sale.

Sit down Theater shows
Hydroguard the first of a kind floodgate to prevent flood damage for home use.
Audio and visual talks.
Samsung 4k curved TV demo showing interlacing and up scaling of 1080p blu-ray.
Windows Bus - Our House controlled by Windows apps for cooking and smart-glass. Showcasing Xbox's meta data capability. Provides knowledge about what you are watching on Tv when media meshing.

Traffic heading north up the M5 has road works intermittent, lots of speed cameras and limits of 40mph in effect, on the whole the road works did not cause much of a delay. Nor was the traffic heading southwest on the M5 on the return journey.

£10 NEC parking. Exhibition entrance, under 12s £8.99, adults £15.99 + optional super theatre tickets £9 - £11.

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