The Top Five Kinect Games Of 2010

Kinect is a new Xbox accessory which has revolutionized the concept of gaming. Fresh from the family of Microsoft, Kinect allows you to play games absolutely without controls. You can just use your hand and body movements to play, instead of restricting yourself to control switches. Therefore, Kinect enables you to experience the actual taste of the game. The Five Most wanted Kinect games of 2010:

Kinect Adventures

In this one you cruise through a ride, ducking obstacles as you encounter them. You grab your targets using your hands and arms as and when they are accessible. A floating camera appears midway through the game and you can click yourself in the craziest poses possible. You can enjoy this amusing shot at the end of the game.

The Child Of Eden

The concept is that of a huge archive of knowledge which has been infected with a strange virus, you must combat. These are amorphous enemies you must shoot with your hands alone. It's truly riveting, and firing bullets with the hand is an immensely entertaining activity.

Star Wars Kinect

This one is for Star Wars fans. You can fight epic battles simply with your hands and feel so much more powerful. The graphics are superb and they successfully take the experience of gaming to a whole new level.

Dance Central

This is one of the simpler games which monitors your dance moves and helps you to improve in the process. The system will also judge your moves and tell you where you went wrong. There is a competitive multiplayer which churns out popular numbers.

Kinect Sports

There are several options available under the Kinect Sports. In the soccer game, the movement is automatic. Therefore, you are not expected to run around. You just need to make goals by kicking with your foot. There are other options like bowling, volleyball, javelin throw, and table tennis, which promise to be equally interesting.

Written by Pete. Wed, 03 Nov 2010 09:50:23 GMT

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