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Codenamed Project Cafe, the new Wii U is a home videogame console which follows Nintendo's first landmark revolutionary innovation, the Wii. Wii U is far ahead of the current Wii in terms of its hardware features.

This new Wii U system consists of 2 main components: A Wii U desktop games console, and a Touchscreen controller with tablet like similarities. The Wii U's tethered Wi-Fi controller will only communicate with a Wii U console, which categorizes the hardware as non-mobile.

  • It is the first Nintendo of its kind to create 1080p high-definition graphics. Wii U game media will be on Nintendo proprietary discs, capable of storing high data capacity; rumored to be similar to Blu-ray standard!
  • A player can keep at a gaming session by displaying his current game, although the television may have been switched off.
  • This system is compatible with the earlier Wii and the new Wii U games are compatible with our existing peripherals – Wii remotes, Nunchucks, and Wii balance boards etc.
  • Wii U Controller uses a high – resolution inbuilt touchscreen screen with gyroscope and MotionPlus technology for gaming. The rechargeable U controller is battery powered.
  • Keep gaming by switching output! Dual purpose – standalone Touchscreen and gaming system, or use in conjunction with Wii U console and TV.
  • The Wii U tablet controller has a 6.2– inch touchscreen having an aspect ratio of 16:9. The touchscreen is going to be used both for playing games and as stand-alone display. There is a camera above the screen which assists videoconferencing, but its resolution specifications are not yet clear. This touchscreen controller has dual analog sticks on the right and left sides in addition from a directional pad, it has X | Y | A | B buttons and an accelerometer. On top it has two shoulder buttons and has a hole which houses at Pen/Stylus similar to DSi XL.
  • The new Nintendo also features wireless communication (Wi-Fi) which enables exchange of data and allows you to make voice calls. You can flick photos and videos from your controller to the television similar to what you can do with the iPad and Apple TV.

The Wii U

Wii U

The new Wii is capable of many novelties, for example, you can place the tablet on top of the floor which works like a tee that you can use in the motion-controlled golf match.

The Wii U seems to be a great option for developers who like to explore and try different things with the console. Although Dreamcast where the players would have to shift their gaze back and forth between dual screens has not been very popular, the Wii U working on much the same principal is expected to deliver much more. It is far more powerful and Nintendo has always been known for striking success with such high-concept hardware.

Nintendo have announced a UK release date between April and December 2012.

Sony and Microsoft have confirmed (respectively), each has begun work on similar tablet style next gen games consoles. [MS Surface, Xperia Tablet]

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