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Wii SD Card

Wii SD Card

Nintendo Wii memory is used sparingly. The system only has 512MB of memory. Having a Wii SD Card gives the console an extra memory area to store more data which can be removed, or transferred to another Wii, simply by opening the cover on the front of the Wii and pushing the eject card button. Wii game saves, WiiWare, Wii channels, and generally all Wii downloads need storing somewhere for keeps, so buy a 2.0 GB Wii SD card.

Sandisk 2 GB Official Nintendo Wii SD memory card £4.00 - £8.00

Wii Remote (Wiimote)

Wii Remote

Most buyers’ overlook a second Wii Remote, only one is included in the Wii package and it’s used most of all. Buy one Wii Remote per-player. The Wii supports up to 4-players. The Nunchuk is used less in gaming, but its still needed in some multiplayer games (E.g. Wii Sports Boxing). If you have bought the Wii console without Wii MotionPlus accessory, then a MotionPlus adapter can be purchased as a bundle, either with Wii Sports Resort , or on its own. Recently a new Black Wii Remote with MotionPlus Bundle has the two in one pack. Another popular option to get an extra Wii remote, can be had through buying the Wii Play game - a collection of mini-games plus a free remote comes bundled.

Nintendo Wii Remotes £23.00 - £39.00

Wii MotionPlus Accessory

Wii MotionPlus

Wii MotionPlus slots into the end of your Wii Remote controller. Inside the MotionPlus a special sensor (far more accurate than the standard Wii remote), provides more dynamic feel to Wii games which are compatible with MotionPlus

Wii MotionPlus £14.00 - £24.00

Wii Component Cable (RGB cable)

Wii Component Cable

The Nintendo Wii doesn’t come with a component cable (RGB cable). They’re really cheap and make the graphics look nicer.  Most TVs have hdmi and component sockets, at front or try round the back. Nintendo Wii consoles ship with a SCART cable. The component cable sets the graphics output to 480i non-technically speaking making your Wii graphics visibly much sharper, but not a magic upgrade to make the Wii full HD yet. Check your TV, unless it’s old it’s likely to be able to display 480i. Should you buy the Nintendo Wii official component cable? You could buy a cheaper RGB component cable at a fraction of cost and never see the full benefit due to poor connection fittings and bad materials.

Official Nintendo Wii Component AV Cable £12.00 - £24.00

Wii Nunchuk

Nintendo Wii Nunchuk  Black / White

The Nintendo Wii package includes one Remote and one Nunchuk. A Nunchuk is the secondary Wii controller: The master controller is the Wii Remote which is sold separately or you can try and find a Nunchuk & Wii remote packaged together. Generally, they’re usually hard to find in stock. Buy one Nunchuk per additional player.

Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuk £12.00 - £18.00

Wii Stand (Cradle Docking Station)

Wii Charging Stand

The 4gamers docking station provides a secure matching colour stand for your Wii, that also enables you to keep your remotes charged. The blue led light around the base has a separate button that can be switched on/off. A USB cable connects the docking station to the back of the console. So you do not need another power supply! Installation is quick and straightforward. Whip out the remote batteries and insert AAA batteries inside the new 4gamers jacket, which has two small metal plates on the outside to complete the circuit. This unit charges the remotes in the upright position. 4gamer charging station will turn off to prevent overheating and rapid battery depletion.

Wii Docking Station;9.00 - £28.00

Wii Classic Controller Pro

Wii Classic Controller

A Wii Classic controller provides functionality for Nintendo GameCube Games to play on Wii consoles. A Wii Nunchuk must connect to the Classic controller for the circuit to operate. The Classic Controller essentially replaces the Wii Remote when playing games downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel.

Wii Classic Controller £8.00 - £16.00

Nintendo Wii Points Card 2000

Wii Points Card 2000

Wii Points Card 2000: Last but not least is a Wii Point Card. A definite must buy item to make the perfect Wii console bundle gift complete. Used for on demand game downloads, which can be purchased from the Wii console’s shopping channel. Otherwise you'll need your folks credit card to buy cheap Wii media. Keeping a 2000 Wii Points Card in case of emergency handy is convenient to download WiiWare games from the GameCube, Super NES, Nintendo N64, Sega Megadrive and NEC TurboGrafx videogame consoles. Also remember to buy a Wii classic controller to play WiiWare games.

Wii Points Card 2000 £8.00 - £16.00

Written by Admin, January 10th 2007 (Republished 02/12/12)

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