Wii Fit Plus by Nintendo Wii

Even though Nintendo Wii Sports is undoubtedly the most popular Wii game, due to it being automatically bundled with the system and also just being supremely awesome, the Wii Fit Plus has put on its gym shorts, stretched its legs, and started its race toward the top. So pull out your sweat bands ala 1986, because it's time to get physical. If you're already one of the many people who enjoy Wii Fit already, the upgrade is cheap and totally worth it. Wii Fit Plus is really what the title entails; it's the Wii Fit PLUS a lot of extras.

The BMI screen lets players see an estimate of calories burned during the workout. Wii Fit Plus has a fun feature to weigh your pets.

Wii Fit, BMI Personal Graph

BMI Personal Graph

What's in the box?

  • Official Wii Fit Balance Board
  • Fit Plus game software
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • Weight = 5.65 kg
  • Dimensions: 52.7 cm x 34.3 cm x 8.13 cm

Comparing Wii Fit Plus vs. Wii Fit? The difference between the two is that the Plus combines the original activities plus it adds six new strength and yoga physicals, 15 new balance board games plus Perfect 10 an addition to the Hula Hoop games. One of the best new features is the "My Wii Fit Plus". Players’ (now multiplayer) can customize workout routines which tone particular parts of their bodies. The Wii Fit Plus Calorie counter is a new bonus included with the software. Wii Fit Plus is not just for girls, Skateboarding, Rhythm Kung Fu, Football and Boxing challenges will woe Guys too. by Lauren

Wii Fit Versions

  • Wii Fit was released on 25/04/2008 as a game and hardware bundle in white.
  • Wii Fit Plus was released on 30/10/2009 as a game only and a hardware bundle in white.
  • The latest Wii Fit Plus black configuration, was released on October 7th 2011 and comes with the same software as did the original Fit Plus. The difference is the new bundle comes with a black balance board.

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Leanne Kemp27-02-2011
A very simple and effective way for keeping heathly. My Wii fit plus has kept me within the ideal weight and shape.
Sara Devizes01-03-2009
If you got excited with the Wii, fit plus is a must own game. I've seen people of all ages say they love it, and everyone in the family wants a go, from simple yoga to more energetic boxing and less tiring Games but harder to accomplish as an expert... Its got step aerobics, ski jumping you even have a coach in wii fit plus.

Bad points: I found strapping the remote on and off and putting it down picking it up an inconvience. some times you need it other times you don't. the wii fit balance board turns off too quickly for slow movers

cecile mk5502-11-2012
mmm, hog-roast tonight. wi fit saturday morning
Shane Pearce03-11-2009
The new wii fit plus board looks exactly the same. I owned the original wii fit then bought wii fit plus now the price has dropped down. That's an accurate comparison. More activities. My wii fit age went from a depressing 76 years old to 50.
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