Wii Play with Wii Remote Controller (Wii)


Wii Play includes a free Wii remote controller inside the bundle. Wii Play has 9 fun mini-games to practice honing your Wii remote skills. The game can be played against the system, although it is best played in 2-player mode to complete the short series of challenges versus a friend. Wii Play lets players’ win gold, silver and bronze level achievements

Wii Play Mini-games
  1. Shooting Range (classic duck hunt)
  2. Find Me (spot the Mii / Mii recognition test)
  3. Table Tennis (speedy)
  4. Laser hockey (classic pong)
  5. Billiards (pool table game)
  6. Fishing (timed pond fishing)
  7. Charge (bull ridding piloted by your Mii)
  8. Tanks (strategy battle)
  9. Pose Mii (first on the button puzzle)

Wii Play with Wii Remote Controller: The Wii Play bundle often is a better purchase than just buying a Wii Remote on its own. No shops are listing a "Black Wii Play with Remote" bundle yet (28-12-09)

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M. Tesch03-11-2010
My boys aged 4 and 5 find the games easy to play. the only disappointment was play does not come with a black Wii remote. it is worth getting the pack for a free game.
Tanks has got to be one of the most addictive mini games to play again and again. Fishing was unexpectedly good, hooking them takes skill, most of the time the bonus fishes get away.
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