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Development Milestones

October 2017 - Web and shopping services.

November 2014 - September 2017 Online Retail shop.

February 2014 - moved all from domain to dot Co

January 2014 - Customer Experience stats went live. Tells you more about the shop. Based on actual orders and customer cancellation rates. Unique. Verified. Trusted. Really useful! (3000 members)

October 2013 PS4 and Xbox One Tracker - Next gen console launch & shortages. (2000 members)

May 2013 Community deal & voucher sharing features launched.

April 19th 2013 Xenfo community forums retired. More features coming soon!

October 2013 iPad mini launched: How to get back in stock alerts

Feb 17th 2012 Tell me when its cheaper - price drop alerts

March 2008: The need to know what's in stock and where? Stock checker programs running 24/7. Email and back in stock alerts for members. (200 members)

September 2006: Website launched and tracking gaming news. Nintendo Wii console supply issues. Wii tracker