How We Compare Prices

Our aim is to provide an unbiased price comparison service to the UK. We often list prices from shops that do not pay us anything whatsoever towards the costs of operating. Other shops agree to pay us a small commission on the sale of certain items.

What you want, at the right time and price

Save your favourites and monitor the prices and availability all on one page. No need to sign in! Find products, save them using the heart button, get alerts for price drops and back in stock notifications on your wishlist đź’ť

How results are sorted

By default, we display prices low to high, including shipping. For shops that have the same price for a product, the comparison is sorted by:

  1. Lowest price including shipping and in stock
  2. Stock status (In stock, pre-order, unknown)
  3. Most popular store for the product

Our comparison pages also have unique and helpful features, one of which highlights what services each retailer can provide: Express delivery, Click and Collect, PayPal checkout, 30-day returns, Warranty plans on electricals and BNPL (buy now pay later finance).

Pre-ordering a PS5 or Xbox Series XS

** PlayStation 5 / Xbox:  Based on the high demand, both new games consoles are going to be in short supply when launched during 2020. The big three games stores pre-sell stock in advance, then after release day, start taking pre-orders again on waves of deliveries for popular items sold out.

When popular items go in/out of stock and there is high demand, retailers list pre-orders for stock due-in-advance before it arrives and show customers the expected delivery date. The delivery date being shown is especially helpful when buying gifts.

Because a delivery date is vital information - we show dates if known, as this factor is more important than price alone when the whole of the market is struggling to meet demand due to no stock from the supply chain; typical situation – everywhere sells out around the same time, peak time.

Speaking from experience, trusted retailers do sell out of pre-orders before they actually have the stock, so it is advisable not to wait, if the delivery date is guaranteed and in time for Christmas, buy while it’s available.  Black Friday deals on high demand hardware might not happen unless sales drop off. In which case, after Christmas hardware will most likely be further discounted by retailers.

Pre-order PS5 and Xbox stock tracker

COVID-19 Uncertainties

During exceptional times - John Lewis, Argos, Currys and GAME might opt to increase high-street sales, when only a small number of units are in hand.

Back in stock alerts and price drop notifications

Since 2006 we’ve been one of the first to provide stock checking / tracking and alerts. Until recently we provided back in stock alerts and price drops via email. Technology has changed. Email has become unreliable. We are moving towards Web App push notifications and away from email due to the problems of non-delivery and junk mail. Our newsletter emails stopped in 2015.

Shops Listed at GameStock

Our aim is to list all UK shops offering consoles, mobile phones, tech, gadgets, video games and related merch.

Price Updates

Our webpages of products, prices and stock status, is usually updated in real-time on demand.  The more popular an item, the more offers we can list.

Retailers, listings, website links, deals and offer codes come and go continually 24/7. Game voucher codes have had their day. New coupons tend to be for restricted items, and overpriced slow movers. If there are relevant store discount codes, these are shown on the item’s page.

Each web page needs hand-crafting, quality checks and frequent reviews.

We know you love Google, we do too, but remember their search functionality is built by large teams of developers over many years.

If you find any incorrect information, please notify us https://twitter.com/gamestock

Product Variants

Often we find many similar products come in many different variations. Products of the same name vary by system, by colours, by model, by media Digital or Physical and even variations of additional content such as Download Content (DLC).

DLC for games can often double the product’s price, for example:

  • FIFA 21 Standard Edition £39.99
  • FIFA 21 Champions Edition £84.99

Therefore, with FIFA we’ve found it can be useful to merge various editions, especially as download content is time dependant with FIFA games, meaning as time passes post release day, the DLC when not claimed is lost, so over time the value of special editions and pre-orders diminishes and the price drops.

Console Bundles

Best deals: Everyone wants the best deal. Among game stores competition is high. When shopping for a new console the best advantage is often the bundled games included free.

Consoles come with Hard and Soft bundles. Retailers can add games and provide their own bundles, as well as hardware bundles with games or extra controllers in the box and featured on the cover.

Blog Stock Tracking Archive

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2007-2013: Apple iPhone / iPad Mini

2011: Nintendo 3DS - https://www.gamestock.co/blog/japansoldout3ds

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2020: PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S

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We started back in 2006 with the Nintendo Wii stock shortages. Like all businesses, operating costs need to be met - advertisements, taxes, technology and professional staff. Over the years we’ve found commission has been falling (often zero) and advertising costs are rising.

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