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PlayStation TV

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This is PlayStation TV, the small, sleek, and simple to use micro-console that lets you access games, music and movies on another HD TV.

Cramming loads of features and amazing tech into one very stylish box, PS TV gives you a level of freedom no other console offers.

You can remote play compatible PS4, PS Vita, PSP, and PS one games on your TV and buy, rent, or stream your favourite movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store 24/7. You can even play PlayStation titles without needing a console. As for the full list of games including, PS3 check here. https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5376/~/games-compatible-with-playstation-tv. Requirements: DualShock 4 / DS3 controller (not included). USB cable. Region 2 (UK). WiFi or Ethernet (recommended). Upgrades: Optional external memory card for game saves.


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