PS3 Bundles

PS3 Bundles
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PlayStation 3 consoles:

PS3 bundles often coincide with the launch of exclusive PS3 game releases, so a new PlayStation bundle usually has a free game or an extra controller, or another accessory discounted to make the package cheap, otherwise there's no advantage. But, be careful, read on...

Before ordering check whether any saving can made by looking at special offers on games too. Always check the delivery date and item availability. Do not order any unconfirmed stock – which might not arrive in time.

Meanwhile, the price of 500gb consoles with free games included has stopped falling. Further discounts are possible, as older games and console deals get cheaper as gaming goes next gen. Compared to this time last year, PS3 prices have fallen by £50 on both the 12gb and 500gb systems. Don’t leave it too late... as the holiday season draws in the best PS3 bundles sell out first. Seen a better deal? Share it under the PS3 bargains page here.

PS3 bundle deals:
  • The Last Of Us & the last of them? No, it's not over until the big lady sings: A new 500gb console with Destiny bundle will launch: 09/9/2014.
  • 500gb with Asssassin's Creed Black Flag: 06/06/2014
  • 12gb with FIFA 2014 World Cup: 17/04/2014
  • 500gb with Grand Turismo 6 + The Last of Us: 06/12/2013
  • 500gb with Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): 17/09/2013
PlayStation 3 500GB console with Destiny
PS3 with AC IV Black Flag bundle - box
PS3 with FIFA World Cup bundle - box
PlayStation 3 500GB console with Grand Turismo 6 + The Last of Us
PlayStation 3 500GB console with Grand Theft Auto V
PlayStation 3 500GB console with Assassin's Creed III
PS3 Console with Gran Turismo Academy and Uncharted 3
Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim 12GB with Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Move Starter Pack & HDMI Cable
PlayStation 3 12GB Console + Book Of Spells Pack
Most have moved towards the newer PS4 console.

Compare: Now you've seen the two models, which is best and is a 12gb hard drive enough? Lets explore this.

What's the point in a 12gb model? The point is solely, to lower the cost. The 500gb model has hard drive storage whereas the 12gb model has flash memory. Flash memory is non-mechanical, it's faster, quieter, cheaper and more reliable. Although both consoles run silent, so noise was never an issue with PlayStation 3. Load times may be slightly longer with hard drive because of seek read / write times due to holding more data. The performance gain in running games will not be affected either-way. To put things in perspective, if you want to download apps, music, game trailers, videos and complete games, you can't go wrong with a 500gb hard drive. Swapping out drives has been made easy, so owners can upgrade from a 12gb system to 500gb easily.

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