Buy Back Scheme

When you want a refund for an item not covered by our policies, we might offer you a buy back price. If when tested we found no fault, your item may be eligible.

The buy back price is similar to the pre-owned market value. By our definition, NEW means sealed. PRE-OWNED means opened and no longer sealed. Codes and content might be missing or redeemed.

All of our products sold are NEW, the only exception to this condition is if the title and receipt say otherwise.

In our terms and conditions, we recommend you fully research the product suitability before purchasing. Reading the cover small print beforehand often answers many common questions we receive by email.

Most common reasons for returning opened items (pre-owned): The product does not work on your system. A game is online only. The game required Xbox Live Gold or PS+ membership. The game didn't meet your expectations. Not wanting DLC or not knowing the title has mainly pay more for add-on expansions.

Reasons for wanting to return new items (outside of the returns period): Somebody else bought it. No longer have the console. Can't afford it. Cheaper elsewhere. Played it...

Why the reduced price? Pre-owned games are worth less. Video games devalue rapidly.

We want you to be entirely satisfied with your new purchase, but also need to protect lost revenue.

Faulty items will normally be fully refunded. Non faulty items, eligible for buy back will usually be partially refunded.