Customer Form: Web Design Questionnaire

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Website Title: What is the Title or Business Name for your Website?
WWW: Do you own a domain name? Please enter the top 5 domains you trade under.
New WWW: Choose a new domain name, subject to availability.
Social Media: What is the business Facebook name and page URL?
Your Location: Where is your business based?
Customer's Location: Where are your customers based, UK town & cities / worldwide?
Business Type: What products & services do you supply?
E-commerce: Online Shop Required Yes / No?
Goals: What are the main goals of a new website?
Basic Features: What features might you like to have and how important are they on a 1-10 scale?
Examples: Business email address, Browse brochures, High resolution images...
Advanced Features (Optional): What advanced features might you like to have and how important are they on a 1-10 scale?
Prefered Hosting / Platform: Which hosting company? or let us choose the most suitable.
Time: How much time do you have for the business and website per week in hours?
Growth or Income: Do you want to invest in growing your business or to generate fast cash? Eg: Christmas pop up site.
Future Plans: How do you want to grow your business?
Logo: Do you have a Logo Yes / No?
Product Range: How many products or services do you have? Each product or service should be equal to the number of new pages.
Online Advertising: Do you advertise online Yes / No?
Advertising Budget: Do you want to start online advertisements? If Yes, how much is your weekly advertising budget?
Business Size: How many staff do you employ?
Emulate or Envy: Which sites do you want to emmulate, or envy?
Competitor Websites: Provide a list of competitor websites.
Timescales: How soon do you want the Website completed in Weeks?
Additional Information: Use this field to tell us more details or something extra we might have missed on this form.
Email Address: Your prefered contact email address?
Phone Number: Your prefered contact phone number?

Please complete all fields with an answer to avoid delay. You can save and continue after ordering.

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