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8-Button Arcade Stick PS4 / PS3

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Page Date:28/11/2021
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Official Venom Sony PlayStation Licensed 8-Button Arcade Stick PS3 PS4 £59.99£0.00
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Box contains: Arcade Stick, 4 Metre USB Cable, Instruction Booklet. Dimensions: 32 x 12 x 26 cm. Net weight: 2.1 Kg, Gross weight: 3.2 kg. * Cut-off time for Next Working Day Delivery is 11:59 am Mon-Fri (excluding Bank Holidays).

Officially licensed by Sony, the Arcade Stick has an exclusive dual format design for the PS3 & PS4 system. The Arcade Stick features a steel shaft micro switched joystick for arcade quality responsiveness, an ergonomic layout with turbo functions and durability thanks to premium quality components.

  • Exclusive dual format design for PlayStation4 & PlayStation3
  • Sleek, contemporary space saving design to compliment the PS4 & PS3 systems
  • Authentic arcade quality joystick & buttons
  • 8 button layout with turbo functions featuring the unique PS4 Share button
  • Premium quality components with genuine layout
  • Designed for comfort & stability, but easily portable
  • 3 metre USB cable
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