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Customer Support

Please use the contact us page for future support. The information here is for transparency, on how we deal with complaints and requests for help. Submit...
Asked By gamestock, 28-11-2014

RE PS4 bundle with GTA V

swap the ps4 for xbox one kinect and 5 games...
Asked By Guest, 23-11-2014

Problem Nothing happens after entering FIFA 15 FUT Gold Pack?

Applies to: Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One FIFA 15 game pre-order editions with free 15 FUT gold packs. Reason 1: The gold packs unlock weekly. Wait for...
Asked By Digby, 16-10-2014

The evil within

Are your games Uk? do it have...
Asked By MarkA, 12-10-2014

Do I need to let my ps4 bluray connect to the internet?

Very simple question. When I go to play Blu-ray Discs my ps4 asks "do you want to allow Blu-ray Disc videos to connect to the Internet while they are playing?"...
Asked By Wayne, 06-10-2014