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How much to build a faster than Xbox One gaming PC?

I'm probably not alone when i say i feel let down by the graphics on Xbox One compared to PC game graphics, but has anyone here bought or built a faster...
Asked By Raiden, 27-08-2014

New Vehicle in Mario Kart 8 Wii U

Rosalina, Mario Kart 8 gets a quad vehicle. Have you rode it? No Ryanair...
Asked By Sonic_Rainbow, 19-08-2014

This weeks Forum game

New weekly game, new rules, new theme. THE GAME When you make a new post you have to add the following catch phrase and think of a word to put in place...
Asked By sunnyxxo, 18-08-2014

EA Access for Xbox One - New Subscription Service Unveiled

EA has unveiled a new reward scheme in partnership with Xbox One. This is how it will work. EA One club members can download and play every game in the...
Asked By Nessi, 15-08-2014

Customer Experience and Star Ratings

The first of a kind feature: You read it first here. Announced on GameStock's Facebook page & Google + 1 on 18th January 2014. On comparison pages we have...
Asked By Digby, 13-08-2014