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PS4 Vs Xbox One Sales Figures

My online research revealed the following facts. (which you might or might not agree with.) Pre-order Xbox One numbers have surpassed those of the 360;...
Asked By Gi_Joe, 03-09-2013

Seen a good PS4 deal on the high street?

Just a quick post to ask you to share where...
Asked By sunnyxxo, 01-08-2013

10 Fun Fact-actualities

See image....
Asked By Digby, 26-07-2013

Wii U Slim

Ever since I saw the Wii U console, my first impression was "that looks well fat"... second impression "bet it's heavy". Those two points alone have stopped...
Asked By SergeantMessi, 16-07-2013

PS4 preorders halted at GameStop

US retailer GameStop has halted pre-orders of the popular PS4 console saying "we don't have enough stock to sell anymore". Sony had already warned that...
Asked By sunnyxxo, 09-07-2013