3DS Augmented Reality Games, Features and complete list

If you want to have a real world experience while playing video games, Nintendo 3DS AR card games provide the breakthrough technology to make this achievable through a technique called augmented-reality. A live view of real world environment including sound and graphics is augmented by computer-generated sensory.

Can you imagine a video game unfolding right on your kitchen table or on the palm of your hand? Well that is exactly how it happens.

The most amazing feature of these next gen games is that you can place one of the AR Cards on anything such as a table or floor and the characters and the game info will be read by the Nintendo 3DS camera then translated to a 3D World right before your eyes. 3DS includes 6 games, including wild shooting gallery, interactive photo shoot and many more in the near future.

3DS Augmented Reality Cards

Augmented Reality Cards (left to right): Link, Samus, Kirby, Mario, Pikmin and Question Mark (?)

Home Mode

Another wonderful feature in these games is that you can also browse the internet in the middle of the game in order to search for hints. The game pauses automatically if you press the home button during game play and the game can be resumed later. If you need some hints to play an AR game, take advantage of this ultimate feature. Just press the home button, pause the game, go to the internet browser, search for game hints and return to your game, uninterrupted. Here's another one to remember. Without quitting your game, 3DS home button allows you to use the StreetPass and Spotpass notifications list, friends list, access game memos, view your activity log and even check your stats on your pedometer.

AR Games List
One AR card has a question block, the other five cards have Nintendo characters. Kirby, Samus, Link, Pikmin, and Mario

  • Star Viewer and Mii Viewer cards – sort of a full 3D projection which brings your Miis to life through augmented reality. In Star Viewer, you see view Nintendo characters, Mii Viewer for your own Miis.
  • AR Shooting card – aim and shoot around a set of moving targets, using the gyroscope and 3D camera function.
  • AR Fishing card – catch fish using a rod hook line and flick action. View underwater and above.
  • Graffiti card – a basic paint program to mess about with you 3D pictures.
  • Question Mark card – for 3DS game bonuses.

Published on 18-03-2011

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