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Nintendo 3DS is a handheld games console with a vast library of immersive and interactive games. As well as having the entire playable range of eShop games made for DS & DSi; some exclusive games even provide educational benefits! The best thing about a 3DS is that it can provide amazing 3D effects without the need for any special glasses (in case you didn't guess).

  • Nintendo 3DS - Coral Pink Console with Nintendogs and Cats + Golden Retriever: 30/11/2011

Super Mario 3D Land bundleNintendogs 3DS pink Cats + Dogs bundle

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Brandon Forrester26-03-2011
Glad to say my 3DS was money well spent. Faceraiders - all i can say so far that it's really adictive. On the whole, all the free games and software installed will keep you from getting bored.
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