Call of Duty - World at War PS3

Nazi Zombie Fun

Call of Duty World at War PS3

Release date: 14/11/2008

Call of Duty World at War: Night of the Dead

Call of Duty World at War (officially not CoD 5) for PS3 goes back in time to WWII. Battle against a new enemies dead and undead in the most action packed FPS I've played to date. In CoD World at War campaign mode you switch between American and Russian soldiers of War. Multiplayer and Co-op modes are similar to CoD 4 with enough newness to make this title worth owning.

Except of PS3 Cod WAW Review (Link Gone). Allow 5 to 7 hours to finish the solo mode at the chosen difficulty. The co-op mode is a more attractive valuation and solo Nazi Zombie is fun. Remain multi that takes as CoD 4 but that does not unanimously. For once, Treyarch surprises us with a soundtrack that is not limited to the usual symphonic themes endless games inspired by the Second War. If they are present, they will be supported by more modern sounds, electronic and flirting with metal riffs. The worst is that it works quite well. The dubbing is excellent and the sound effects are not left behind. See also Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 Pre-order today for November 10th 2009 release

Written by Jean Alexandre, 05-02-2009

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