CoD MW2 Multiplayer

"Call of Duty has always been famous for its multiplayer". Whether it was the crazy 4 player split-screen online fun of CoD 3, or some of the more serious and tactical multiplayer of the later Call of Duty games such as ‘World at War’. Despite this, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has managed to raise the bar even further.


One of the main improvements is the matchmaking process, it is now very slick and smooth, from putting the game in the drive to playing an online game now only takes a minute. Whether this is just due to the sheer volume of people online during its release or if this is a general improvement we shall find out but not for a long while as I believe this game shall be at the top of the multiplayer charts for quite some time.

As for the gameplay itself CoD has managed to deliver the fast paced carnage that it is famous for as well as adding some new features to make it even more hectic. Kill streaks have always been at the heart of CoD from the harmless UAV to the mighty attack helicopter these have really added an edge to the gameplay weather you loved them or hated them. Modern Warfare 2 has not only added new kill streaks they have added a lot of kill streaks ranging from the three kill UAV to a 10 kill Stealth Bomber and then right up to a devastating 25 kill ‘Tactical Nuke’ that literally ends the game with a bang.

In the new Call of Duty game there are a number of other new features one of which being the introduction of ‘Death Streaks’ where if a player is having a particularly bad round online and dies a number of times without getting a kill are helped out. They can receive extra perks such as ‘pain killer’ where they have more health for a limited amount of time or ‘copycat’ where the player has the option to copy the class of the person who killed them.

The CoD MW2 has launched with all of the standard game types (‘Free for all’, ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Headquarters’ ect.) However they have made a new 3rd person mode online where the game takes on a more gears of war style of gameplay. This mode is available in ‘1v1’ and ‘Team Death match’.

Unfortunately CoD 6 does not feature a Co-op campaign, however Infinity Ward have created a new Co-op Experience called ‘Special Ops’. Special Ops allows the player to team up with another player and complete Co-op missions with specific challenges attached to them. This mode is very addictive and adds much more game playability to an already immense game. 9/10   by Daniel McCaughan

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