Dead Space 2 (Xbox 360)

dead space 2

Release Date: 28/01/2011

The first big-release action game of 2011 sends your heart beat pulsating to its deadly visual effects and draining tasks. Dead Space 2, a sequel, a survival horror, a third-person shooter 3D game by Electronic Arts.

This thrilling game of survival requires you to dismember human corpses called Necromorphs controlled by alien monsters as the host bodies control them through tentacles attached to their limbs.

The protagonist Isaac Clarke is an engineer, struck down with dementia, who has to battle the Necromorphs in a space station hospital on one of Saturn's moons, Titan, in a bid to destroy the Marker.

New in Dead Space 2:

  • There are improved weapons, a variety of suits and tougher obstacles to endure. Weapons include plasma cutters and Isaac can acquire the stasis and kinesis modules to help him navigate through the different stages.
  • Information regarding health statistics and ammunition count are communicated to the player through holograms on Isaac's spine or on his weapons.
  • The new improvement in this version is the single and multi-player options. In the latter mode, there are four players each with the two opposing teams - the humans and the Necromorphs.
  • There are five levels of difficulty that you can choose to play from casual to hardcore.
  • Compatible with PlayStation 3 (includes Dead Space: Extraction PlayStation Move), Xbox 360 and MS Windows systems.
  • There are zero gravity environments where Isaac can navigate using special suits.
  • The gory content has ensured an adult 18+ rating to play Dead Space 2.

Campaign and Review:

While the advertising campaign received its share of flak for its gender bias nature, the reviews gave it an outstanding rating for its credible and chilling ambience - a real treat for horror show fans. If gruesomely killing monsters gives you a thrill, then you fit the bill - you are the target customer. For those who dream of combats in sci-fi flicks, this is your domain - go for Dead Space 2.

Overall you can expect: Faster, Creepier and Deadlier!

by Harry Turner 3/2/2011

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