DRM - Reselling Your Digital Games and Apps - New Rights Coming Soon?

On Tuesday 3rd July a major story with huge significance for gamers took place in an EU Court. Possibly "the biggest gaming news of the year", said one reporter to another. No surprise, that this story will not covered by big game network sites. The dispute was to do with reselling software after the first sale, should it be allowed or not allowed? The case “Oracle Vs UsedSoft”, went in favour of UsedSoft who have been reselling Oracle Software pre-owned, without permission from Oracle.

The moral of the verdict is that:- The rights of control end once the first sale from the distributor has happened. The distributor (Oracle) still has the copyright laws preventing unauthorised reproduction. However, the resale of used games, software, apps etc is okay, providing you delete it prior to reselling; said the verdict.

Reselling your digital games and apps will take some time before you can, because there is no way to do it so far. If you want to read the full legal mumbo jumbo, check his blog: https://www.gamerlaw.co.uk/2012/07/legality-of-second-hand-sales-in-eu.html

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