Formula 1 2010 (PS3)

f1 2010 ps3

Release Date: 24/09/2010

Formula 1 2010 could leave you speechless! The 2009 game was hugely successful on Wii and iPhone. This game is loaded with new features and exciting seasons. It is compatible with PS3, XBOX 360 and Microsoft windows platform. There are different game play modes, online multi-play options and bonus extras. It is a sequel to the 2009 video game and is based on the new EGO 2.0 game engine. Here are some of the exciting new aspects of F1 2010 game.

Seasons: This game will have up to seven seasons. You could choose a career mode consisting of either three, five or seven seasons. It is the most complicated weather system ever seen in a racing game.

Real Life Experience: The terrain offers a real-life experience. There are overhanging trees that shelter the racing track. To add more excitement, the Formula 1 2010 version has dips and indentations in the tarmac that will hold standing water and provide greater risk. Your driving skills will be tested by the weather conditions. For instance, rain can be riskier due to lesser grip.

Updates and Upgrades: While you continue with the racing, you will get updates and upgrades to the car. As a player, you will also receive new parts through out the season. Your car will evolve with new features as the season progresses.

Single and Multiplayer Options: If you want to play alone, you can do so on any of the three platforms. However, multi-player game option is also available if you wish to play online. You can participate in the online races and compete with other players of Formula 1 2010 racers. This is a perfect way to boost your rush and leave you vrooming speechless. - by Thomas

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